Dear Friends of First Tee – New Hampshire, Character is what you bring to everything you do. It signifies to the world what’s inside of you. It outlasts genius and talent yet propels both.  It’s what we are admired for and remembered by, and it’s what allows you to walk away from failure determined, not defeated. But we aren’t born with it.  Character is learned, cultivated and shaped by our experiences. We live in a world where social pressures are always on, where calm and confidence are hard to access, and where perseverance is a required superpower every day.  Our kids are growing in new environments that are demanding more from them, and therefore more from us. Kids become a better version of themselves when they have the space to be who they are, surrounded by passionate people who guide them to see what they are capable of.  We focus our programs on the following key elements:
  • Character Development: Our curriculum emphasizes character development and social and emotional learning objectives through golf, delivering activities that are developmentally appropriate, designed to meet kids where they are.
  • Adult Mentors: Multi-level coach training programs focus on research-proven methods of positive youth development, providing our coaches with the tools to help kids feel safe, included and empowered on the golf course, in the classroom and beyond.
  • Personal Growth: We provide an array of immersive enrichment programs and participant opportunities that facilitate growth and inspire personal transformation.
  • College Scholarships: Our First Tee – New Hampshire College Scholarship Program provides tuition assistance, personal and professional development, and mentorship for First Tee alumni.
First Tee builds experiences that build character. Experiences are our greatest teacher.  First Tee believes in developing experiences that are just as fun as they are meaningful.  We’ve spent nearly 20 years building experiences that build character to empower kids through a lifetime of new challenges and personal growth.  Please help us to continue building these experiences for our youth throughout New Hampshire.  Donate today!  Sincerely, Chris Sargent Executive Director First Tee – New Hampshire Donate Now!